Duties and Responsibilities

The department is the administrative performance unit which gives service about the computers, network and communication issues of the university. The department works under the coordination of Secretariat General.

The Directorate of Information Technologies is located on the upper floor of the Rectorate Building and covers 352 square meter area.

Gazi University Directorate of Information Technologies went into action in 1987 and in 1993 the university became one of the very first universities which had an Internet connection (METU, Bilkent, Gazi). This department generally solves problems via Open Source Projects. With the help of this project, all the current server programs can be used by just   meeting the hardware cost. Our department plans the studies with the aim of producing projects which make Gazi University a well directed e-university.  By attaching all of the studies to the central information system, e-university project is enlarged.

The responsibility of this department is to present the up-to-date services which will provide the optimum help to the students and employees on their educational and academic studies. By using the latest information technologies, the department endeavors to render service to approximately 60.000 students and 7.000 employees. Besides, the department provides service on e-mail, web, library access, mobile access, server, software and technical issues for the students, employees and all departments of the university. With the Internet and web services which are provided under the responsibility of the department, introduction of our university is made nationally and internationally. Moreover, with software, maintenance and technical services, both the university and the government economize.

The services made for enhancing the quality and productivity is below :

  1. Providing  set up and the maximum performance of the computers

  2. Organizing and serving the network system properly and securely

  3. Rendering service in optimum performance with the help of software and technological devices in academic and administrative issues.

  4. Providing the access of the students and employees to the web pages and e-mails properly and continually

  5. Providing the technical support for broken devices and network units

  6. Supporting the academic units for technical problems

  7. Carrying out the principles both among universities and units as the model on technology and practice

  8. Speeding up and bringing clarity to the operation and decision making mechanism of the university

  9. Taking steps for providing convenient campus life for the students and employees and developing projects for this aim

  10. Cooperating with the public and private organizations and following the current events from local and foreign sources