Vision - Mision


For taking advantages of developing information technologies on top level, the vision of the department is to supply the needs on the fields of software, hardware and the other information services and control the maintenance; to operate on developing the numbers of computers, network and internet base and form specialized staff for this duty; and to be one of the leaders in terms of the practice level on computer technologies, in the light of these technologies to be able to form the information sources of the university in an integrated way; to form projects with the aim of being an authoritative, consultant and preferred university in this field.


The mission of the department is to take an active role in configuration of informatics policy and strategies; to provide operation of the existing network, hardware and software successfully; also by following latest technology, to show regard to technological developments, security of the system and data, activity, efficiency and persistency on services and gratification of the employees and users; moreover, to contribute on the change in informatics area; to be guide and to support the basic software needs by providing suitable informatics basis for all units.