Gazi University Directorate of Information Technologies (GÜBİDB) started its activities in 1987 and became one of the universities that made the first internet connection in Turkey in 1993 (METU, Bilkent, and Gazi). Gazi University Directorate of Information Technologies generally solves its problems with Open Source Projects. This method can only utilize any server software with hardware costs.

Our presidency plans to implement projects to turn Gazi University into a well-managed e-university. The entire e-university project is being expanded by adding all the work to the core information system. The Presidency must follow the most up-to-date technologies and provide planned services to all students and staff to ensure optimal educational and academic studies benefits. Directorate of Information Technologies offers 43,000 students and 9,400 staff the latest information technologies to supply current services and offers e-mail, web, library access, mobile access, server, software, technical assistance, and office services to university students and personnel in all departments.



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