Vision - Mision


To meet the requirements of the software, hardware and other information services needed to make the best use of the emerging information technologies, to ensure their continuity, to carry out activities to improve the number of computers, network and internet infrastructure, to create specialized staff for these jobs,   to be at the forefront in terms of the level of application of computer technologies,  to produce projects so that the information resources of universities can be formed in an integrated structure in the light of these technologies,  to generate projects to be a trustworthy, consulted, and institutionalized university and to be a preferred university in this respect.


Gazi University plays an active role in the structuring of the IT policy and strategy and keeps the infrastructure related to the existing information processing network, software and hardware systems in the most efficient manner. While closely observing the technology, it keeps in mind the technological developments, user needs, system and information security, productivity, efficiency, continuity, user and employee satisfaction in the services, while serving the administrative and academic units and students and their services. It contributes to the innovations in the field of information and   provides all the  units with a good information infrastructure and  supports the basic software requirements that the units will need.

Values ​​- Goals

Our Presidency is the administrative executive unit of Computer, Network and Communication services of the University and it is affiliated to the General Secretariat Office at the organizational structure.

Directorate of Information Technologies is located in the Rectorate Central Building and it services in a total area of 352 m².

With the internet and web services provided by our Presidency, the promotion of our university is provided at the most mature level. With the software, maintenance and technical  services that we have realized, we save significant savings on our university and state budget. It also makes a great contribution to the transparency and regularity of the administrative process. Our activities in order to improve quality and efficiency in service provision are as follows;

  • To ensure the installation and healthy operation of computers.  Computer network is organized in a healthy and protected manner in every way,

  • To provide services as efficiently as possible by utilizing software and technological devices in academic and administrative processes,

  • To carry out web pages designs and e-mail operations in a healthy and uninterrupted manner in the sense that we are a university and our students and staff are open to the outside world,

  • To provide technical support for the first intervention to the defective device and network units,

  • To provide technical and administrative support to the academic units when necessary,

  • To apply first principles between universities and units as an example unit in technology and application,

  • To provide transparency and speed to the university functioning and decision making mechanisms,

  • To take measures to facilitate the life of the students and the staff, to carry out projects and applications for this purpose,

  • To cooperate with public and private institutions and organizations, to keep up to date with domestic and foreign sources.


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