A Seminar on "Using MATLAB in Lessons and Integration into lessons" was organized for the Academic Staff of our University.
25 March 2022 | 16:39

The seminar (face to face) on "Using MATLAB in Lessons and Integration into lessons" by the Directorate of Information Technologies was organized for academic staff on Friday 25th March 2022 at 10.00-11.30  in the Conference Hall of the Facutly of Technology, 'Taşkent Bulding.'

Attendees of the workshop, which was represented in Turkish, included MathWorks company employee Caner DOĞAN (Customer Success Specialist at MathWorks - Ireland) and  employees of FİGES Inc. Silvan SCHWALLER (Academic Planning and Development Engineer ), Ömer ÖZÇETIN (Academic Sales Manager), and Can Bertan TONYA (Customer Success Specialist). Attendees gave information on the usage  of MATLAB Academic Campus  License in lessons, MATLAB/Simulink, MATLAB Grader, MATLAB Courseware, Free, Certified, onlline MATLAB courses, MATLAB Parallel Server and Tübitak TRUBA.The workshop ended with the question-answer session.

For detailed Information about MATLAB, you can use the link. https://www.mathworks.com/academia/tah-portal/gazi-universitesi-31572544.html

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